Welcome to Aquariumus - Too Many Fishes

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The aim of the game is to manage an Aquarium.

If you have a species that is too present, you have great chances to break the equilibrium of the aquarium and destroy all of the species. Be aware, difficulty grows over time, the more you go, the more the species will eat or produce.
There are some spells available to help equilibrate the game.
You can check the number of days you survived in the top right corner, do not hesitate to leave your score in the comments.

The Team (Paradoxal Dream)

How to play the game

- You can Hover a spell's icon to display its details (Feel free to explore them)
- On the right corner you can get the indicators for each species. Every species will influence its environment and has survival requirements
- For each species, ancidicator shows you how suitable the environment is for it (Do not let them turn red!)


  • 1,2,3,4,5 : Spells shortcuts
  • E : Unselect the power
  • WASD / ZQSD / Mouse : moving the camera
  • Mouse scroll : Zoom in/out
  • Space : Stops the time
  • ESC : Opens the menu

Links to download

Everything is available on our itch.io page :

Best aquarium managers

  •  Loic 'Xahell' Allart : 26 days
  • Karli : 18 days
  • Alexis 'Raoul' Renart : 15 days
  • Sarah 'Himeija' Menouar : 14 days
  • Elio 'Grattman' : 13 day
  • Simon 'GoZz' Mielcarek : 10 days
  • Ekilibr : 9 days

See you guys !!


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Great game! I believe my high score was 14 or 18 I'm not sure :)